Saturday, April 16, 2011

An Open Letter to the “Tea Partiers” What Do You Stand For?

The Tea Party has grown into numbers that make it a force to be reckoned with due to the work of so many that are truly disgusted with the corruption in Washington that has led this nation into trillion dollar deficits and debt. Congratulations to all that have had a part in bringing the issue of spending and our trillions in debt front and center in the public debate.
I am worried though about what is happening in the media and especially Republicans, in name of the Tea Party and I think you would be worried and even angry too. We worry because the core principle of the Tea Party used to be fiscal responsibility. (I personally call it fiscal sanity.)
Those of us that have been part of the original Tea Party movement a little longer then the newly organized “Tea Party” organizations since the election of President Obama, are very troubled that the original Tea Party’s message is being lost due to the integration of other issues, such as abortion and even Planned Parenthood whose main function is NOT abortions.
We  worry about the message that the President in not US born and has numerous social security numbers, a message that would not even exist if this President were White and if the religious right did not think he was not a Christian.
We are very worried that the Tea Party is being used for highly invasive, huge government into the lives of every woman and their doctor visits over the issue of abortion. This is a religious, right issue and is not a Tea Party issue. De-funding Planned Parenthood will do nothing to reign in the trillion dollar debt.
We are very worried these issues, attributed to the “Tea Party”, fueled by irresponsible, highly questionable and unethical CORPORATE media and corrupt politicians that serve the special interests, the highest bidders and a plutocracy, are deliberately dividing, conquering and distracting us from the core principle of the movement, specifically fiscal sanity.
We are very worried and you have to be also, that the Tea Party is being used for corporate agendas and are becoming the agendas of corrupted leaders of the major “Tea Party” organizations, who in turn are leading their followers, just like politicians do, in the opposite direction of fiscal responsibility and true market forced capitalism.
We are even more worried that the Tea Party is all of a sudden the "Teocon Party", hijacked and co-opted by corrupt Republican, corrupt, war oligarchy hawks that got us into this fiscal mess to begin with, like Bachman, Pence, Goehmert, Huckabee, Army, Rove amongst others and the motor mouths on Fox News and every other oligarchy corporate media outlet that sold us, like pair of Nikes, every war we are in!
Recently, all but 8, just eight, of the newly elected “Tea Party” candidates in the House of Representatives voted to continue funding the wars. The wars grow huge government and huge debt. The movement that rose under Bush was precisely because of that. Can you be Teocon and a tea partier at the same time? No you can’t! These are not “Tea Party” representatives when they voted to fund these wars and take us even more into debt. You cannot vote to fund the wars and then call yourself a Tea Party representative simply because you voted to cut things like Planned Parenthood. Do you see the spin here?
We worry that the oligarchies that are served by a corrupt Congress have already bought off the major Tea Party organizations and we already know that these oligarchies are served by the CORPORATE media. We have no free press in these United States. We have CORPORATE, OLIGARCHY media that seeks to protect their form of government.
The United States is an oligarchy that pillages the whole of the American people with eternal wars, too big to fail banks, health insurance price gouging and subsidies, oil and gas companies subsidies while seeking global reach and using the US military as their private security force and finally the military industrial complex where many profit, yes profit, with eternal wars.
It is the best interest of the oligarchies that the Tea Party be distracted, divided and conquered. While the tea party is used or blamed for these other issues the movement is being hijacked and the core message is being given lip service.
As a people, we are responsible for the government and get the one we deserve. We have to see what is happening and we have to fight it. We alone are too blame if we do nothing.
I submit to you that none of those distracting issues are the Tea Party movement and I urge you to make that clear to anyone and everyone. Isn’t it obvious to you that we are getting clobbered on the issue of fiscal responsibility when the “Tea Party” in the House voted to fund the wars and then gave us lip service because of these other issues that have nothing to do with the Tea Party?
Isn’t it time we all united with one message, fiscal sanity and isn’t it STILL us, all of us, against them? We have a problem though. The message of fiscal sanity can be and is being distorted by corrupt politicians. We are divided and conquered because of that.
Most respectfully,

Jeanette Borges

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