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Open Letter to All Tea Party Organizations

PostedApril 10, 2011
The Tea Party has grown into numbers that make it a force to be reckoned with due to the work of so many that are truly disgusted with the corruption in Washington that has led this nation into trillion dollar deficits and debt. Congratulations to all that have had a part in bringing the issue of spending front and center in the public debate.
 The Tea Party movement did not start when people began sending tea bags to Congress. It took on that name and the media ran with it, simply because of that symbolic gesture. I would like to take the opportunity to point out that the origin of what is now known as the Tea Party movement, started in 2006 with Ron Paul in opposition to the trillion dollar debt and deficits brought about by the wars, the corrupt gift horse to the drug companies known as Medicare Part D and the fiscal recklessness to cut taxes for the wealthy in times of war (also known as the Bush tax cuts) while the spending on those wars put us in this mess. Ron Paul was able to raise one million dollars in one day when he decided to run for President. So many of us were there when the Tea Party was not even known as such. The 2008 was a resounding rejection of the Republican Neocon agenda serving a ruling class that was systemically pillaging the American people. Many conservatives switched sides, especially the Ron Paul youth movement. Since, liberals have forgotten this tiny bit of fact due to messaging and I do not think it is an accident. 
 The message was always about fiscal soundness. As a reminder, please note that Republicans in 2000 were working with a budget surplus. That back then as in decades before, we had Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid and yes, even Planned Parenthood.  What we didn’t have back then were the wars, the reckless tax cuts for the wealthy in times of war and corrupt gift horses to corporate America, especially the drug companies. Yet corrupt Republican and Democrat politicians alike, will have you believe now, that we got into this mess by spending on Medicare and Social Security. While there is a need to strengthen both programs because of future burdens that will overcome our ability to provide both, we are being told by both parties to cut these. My theory is that you would have to if you plan on funding eternal wars, the American empire and the military that is nothing more then the private security company for the oligarchies that seek global control. That security for them is paid for by the American taxpayers, the masses, you and I, because of a corrupt, treasonous Congress who live to take from us and give to them.
Those of us that have been part of the original Tea Party movement a little longer then the newly organized “Tea Party” organizations since the election of President Obama, are very troubled that the original Tea Party’s message is being lost due to the integration of other issues, such as abortion and even Planned Parenthood which does not even fund abortions. We  worry about the birther crowd, that would not even exist if this President were White and if the religious right did not think he was not a Christian. Both these issues are fueled by irresponsible and highly questionable unethical media that seeks to divide, conquer and distract us from our real problems. These distractions are completely overshadowing the original message of the Tea Party. We worry about corporate agendas becoming the agendas of the Tea Party organizations. We  worry that the oligarchies that are served by a corrupt Congress have already bought off the major Tea Party organizations and we already know that these oligarchies are served by the media. We have no free press in these United States. We have corporate oligarchy media that wants to continue to pillage the whole of the American people which is why Ron Paul, the candidate that opposes the redistribution of our wealth through eternal wars for oligarchs has a snow ball's chance in hell of even winning a primary. 
With the integration of these other issues that are not related to the movement that chance gets even smaller.
Please take a care to define and separate these very different messages because it is offensive to those of us that started this movement. We are losing the propaganda wars. The Tea Party is being blamed for the birthers and the religious, tyrannical right, tax cuts for war profiteers and when that happens the message to end spending on wars and Empires, to end corporate subsidies and to end an oligarchy that is served by corrupt politicians in Congress, is lost.
Proof of that lies in the fact that the newly elected so called “Tea Party” candidates all voted, with the exception of 8, to continue funding these wars. You must understand that corruption is our problem and that Republicans are using these other issue to distract from what this movement was all about to begin with.
In addition, we are losing the bipartisanship that we once enjoyed! Independents and liberals are running the other way from the distorted messages that are not related to the original movement that they are getting now!
I must ask you something. Do you or do you not support the Tea Party movement that started with Ron Paul to stop spending on an empire, oppose oligarchies and support free markets and limited constitutional government of, for and by the people? If not then, then this is our Tea Party and you are not invited.
Choose! Are you the party of the religious right that wants huge, invasion of privacy, humongous government that extends right into the doctor's office and the wombs of every woman in the United States? Are you the gay hate party that does not know how to live and let live? Are you the birther party that is being used as a tool to distract the media and the corrupt politicians from the issue of spending on eternal wars? Are you a racist fringe party that hates Obama because he is Black? Are you the scared of Muslims, "Anti -Shariah Law Party"? 
Better yet, are you all of a sudden the "Teocon Party", hijacked and co-opted by Republican war hawks that got us into this fiscal mess, like Bachman, Pence, Palin, McConnell, Cantor, Goehmert, Huckabee, Army, Rove amongst others and the motor mouths on Fox News and every other oligarchy corporate media outlet that sold us, like pair of Nikes, every war we are in?
Or are you the Tea Party that started with the core concepts of fiscal responsibility and limited government which means an end to these wars that grows government exponentially? What are you? Choose! Because the true Tea Party message is lost amongst all those other imitation tea party messages presented by corrupt corporate media and even more corrupted Republicans. Choose!


John William Anderson
Ex-FreedomWorks & Tea Party Patriots Activist

with a little help of my friends

Jeanette Borges (
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